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Dr. Brian Austin is your Kearny Mesa Chiropractor.  Dr. Austin specializes in chiropractic and progressive rehabilitation, helping you identify and manage your health challenges and empowering you to stay well. Your Kearny Mesa chiropractor provides holistic solutions that gently and effectively address your health issues. Back pain, neck pain, headaches and muscular tightness and tension may be alleviated by your chiropractic treatment plan. Major studies have indicated that chiropractic care is more effective, less expensive and creates better long-term outcomes than many other alternatives, and without the risk of invasive surgery.


Pain can happen in many ways. It can be caused by stress, poor posture, accidents and disease, such as osteoporosis, which affects the bones of many women in menopause. Consistent weight-bearing exercise helps to prevent loss of bone mass.

Automobile accidents and falls can cause injuries that impact both back pain and spinal conditions. Other triggers are stress, poor posture and similar ergonomic related issues. When you feel stress, your body experiences corresponding reactions. Your blood pressure and heart rate increase. Stress hormones cause your muscles to tighten. Chronic stress and tension can cause sore and weakened muscles. You may experience back pain as a result. We can help you with techniques for overcoming your pain. Proper exercise and deep breathing can reduce your discomfort without the use of habit forming prescription drugs.

Treating back pain with chiropractic adjustments is an effective and popular treatment. Your vertebrae and pelvis can be readjusted to re-establish normal motion and position bones and joints correctly.


Our chiropractic services can help improve your overall health. We’ll help you define and achieve your wellness goals. Walking, running and biking are all considered gravity-resisting and strength training activities. Our bodies respond by building new bone and muscle. Bone reacts to mechanical challenges provided by exercise by building more bone. The denser bones that result are much less likely to fracture.

Spinal alignment

When you visit Kearny Mesa Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Austin, we’ll jointly explore your life details to uncover elements that are affecting your health adversely. These are often quite subtle. Lower back pain treatment is one of chiropractic’s core competencies. Once obvious sources of injury, like auto accidents, sports injuries and slip-and-fall mishaps are excluded, we often explore other possibilities, such as your physical work environment—lower back pain’s a very common symptom of a work-related injury. Muscles, ligaments and tendons that aren’t well-supported become stressed and bring increasing discomfort and pain. If you’ve a prior back injury, improper posture aggravated by incorrect seating can cause your old pain to return. 

Other ergonomic injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that can grow into a painful, debilitating injury. It is one of many injuries caused by poor body position and repetitive motion.  As chiropractors, we’re skilled at recognizing such aliments and treating them. To foster healing and prevent a recurrence of your injury, we work with you to analyze your work environment, and help you to adjust its design through applied ergonomics.

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Dr. Brian is Awesome!! Always positive, professional and friendly and I ALWAYS feel a million times better walking out!!

Alicia F.
San Diego, CA

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